Incognito® Braces

Behind the Teeth


Incognito™ are braces hidden behind your teeth.  They have the benefit of the precision and control of traditional braces on the front of your teeth and the advantage of being completely hidden.  In addition, they are made custom for you and your orthodontic problem and are effective in fixing any smile or bite.


Why Choose Incognito?


  • Incognito Hidden Braces are completely invisible so you can confidently smile through every event that life has to offer – from special occasions to everyday joy.

  • Incognito Braces are always on and always working toward your perfect smile. Unlike clear aligners such as Invisalign® Aligners, you'll never have to worry about remembering to insert or remove them while eating and drinking.

  • Incognito Braces are customized with intelligent wires and brackets engineered to deliver the targeted results your smile deserves. No matter where your teeth start, they'll end up beautifully straight.

  • Incognito Braces fit your lifestyle and perfectly conform to your teeth,  optimizing comfort and efficiency. 


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